Nature Photographers Tasmania

Promoting photography for the protection of nature in Tasmania.


TLC Projects

The Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC) is a community-based organisation that raises funds from the public to protect irreplaceable sites and rare ecosystems by buying and managing private land in Tasmania. A primary aim is the creation of a network of natural areas that truly delivers long-term security for our native species and ecosystems.

NPT members support the TLC through field trips to acquire photos highlighting the beauty and natural features of areas they work so hard to protect. To date, field trips to the Vale of Belvoir, Skullbone Plains, the Blue Tiers and Gordonvale have resulted in a considerable photographic resource for promotion of the TLC, the land it manages and a number of photographic exhibitions.

Forest Conservation Projects

Several trips have been undertaken by NPT members to areas threatened by forestry operations (including the Weld Valley, Florentine Valley and Butlers Gorge) or wildfires (including parts of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area where sensitive Gondwanan vegetation was impacted during the 2016 and 2018 fire seasons), often in collaboration with environmental Non Government Organisations campaigning for protection of these areas. Images from these field trips have been used extensively in publications, public meetings and exhibitions to promote awareness of these places.


  • Group Exhibition (Key Gallery, Hobart)
  • Three Valleys (Wilderness Gallery, Cradle Mountain)
  • Vale of Belvior (Wilderness Gallery, Goulburn St, Hobart)
  • Weld Echo (Long Gallery, Hobart; contributions from many NPT members)
  • Tarkine in Motion  (Long Gallery, Hobart; contributions from many NPT members)